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71% of UK citizens have a smartphone. 88% of adults use the internet, an adult spends 2 hours a day actively channelling through the web. 33% of UK citizens hold their smartphone to a high level of importance. But 2% of UK citizens digitally report information to the NHS. Health clinic

43,000 medical apps are accessible via “Apple iTunes”. 50% of the UK’s population use the world-wide web to self-diagnose; where as 500 million people worldwide use a medical (healthcare) app as well as 75% searching the internet for health information. Get medical help!

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It seems that technology has grown in the 21st century. So much that it is even possible to have a check-up from the comfort of your own home. Although technology has advanced visiting a health clinic will decrease the probability of a misdiagnosis. Or any kind of clinic for that matter. Get medical help!

10-20% of medical cases in the UK was misdiagnosed, exceeding incorrect drug dispersal/error and surgeries performed on the wrong patient or body part of patients. 28% of 583 diagnostic mistakes was life threatening or leaded to death as well as infinite disability.

How important is regular visits to a Health clinic, GUM clinic, Health centre and Clinic?

Regular visits to your local Health clinic, GUM clinic, Health centre or Clinic will allow the doctor/physician to have a better understanding of what ailment they will be observing thus being able to identify any issues very early on before they could cause a threat to the patient.

The physician will have a log of all your signs & symptoms through out all your visits, decreasing the prospects of a misdiagnosis of any kind, they will be able to give you advice specific to you and your body type. Health centres, Clinics or GUM clinics are also very useful. Get medical help!

Aren’t regular check-ups to a Health clinic for sexually active people?

There are many health clinic services. The most common perception is that regular check-ups are for sexually active people. 1/3 of adults do not know they have diabetes. Not having regular check-ups at a health clinic will decrease the chance of any unknown ailments becoming discovered and treated. Clinic. Health clinics as well as Health centre and GUM clinics helps with having more knowledge. As a result less people will be at risk of getting sick.

Consequently less check-up increases the risk of illness.

Take control of your health. Live how you want to live your life.

Long life and good health as a result to check-ups.

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