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Life expectancy is 7.7 years less for men. 7.5 years lower for woman in poor areas of Brentwood compared to established areas thus resulting in a higher chance of illness.

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Between the ages of 12-14, 13% of children are already classified as obese.

Why is this and how can we change this?

All of these factors stem from health and lifestyle choices chosen.

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If you do not understand a problem, how can you fix it?

That is why regular visits with a certified health clinic physician is essential! They will educate you on how to live a healthier lifestyle, which substances to indulge in, what nutrition is significant for your both grow, exercise schedules tailored specifically for you and specific ways to make these changes.

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Here are responses to common excuses to why people do not visit a health clinic:

‘I’m too busy to have a check-up‘. You are too busy to save your own life?

Did you know that 25% of patients diagnosed with an ailment had no clue they were carrying it

Many illnesses have no signs and symptoms, but are discovered by the ability of a well-trained physician.

‘I feel fine’-  1 in 3 adults are diagnosed with diabetes after being admitted to the hospital? Just feeling ‘fine’ is not a safe enough precaution!

Let today be the first step in living a healthier more attain life! Health clinic.

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