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Anybody can go to a sexual health clinic, no matter what their age. Some clinics hold sessions for specific groups of people, including young people, gay men and lesbians.

Some clinics require you to make an appointment, while others offer “drop-in” sessions, where you can turn up without an appointment.

Appropriate arrangements should be in place so patients with special needs can access sexual health services – for example, providing access to interpreters. There should also be clinic facilities for people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, people who have been sexually assaulted, sex workers and substance misusers.

Results analysis like at a Harrow Clinic

All services are free and completely confidential, and all tests are optional.

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How often should you visit a clinic?

Monthly visits would be very helpful, because your doctor will be able to keep a log of all your meetings and keep track of your health; whether positive or negative.

How long would a check-up take?

A check-up can take anywhere from five minutes to three hours (depending on your doctor).