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There are currently 90,301 residents within the Watford area. Watford Clinic

The life expectancy in Watford is 7.5 years (for men) and 6.8 years (for women) lower in the undeveloped area compared to the built up areas in Watford.

The rate at which a sexually transmitted infection is circulated around the area is worse compared to the rest of England.

What could have caused this horrible statistic? Health Clinic

One answer; Lack of awareness! Clinic

Sexually transmittedĀ 

It is impossible to avoid a situation you do not understand or know about because not knowing the issue is a problem.

A factor in decreasing the opportunities of a sexually transmitted infection circulating the area is to visit your local health clinic on a regular basis. Talk with your clinic’s physician and they will be able to enlighten you on a wide variety of subject matters.

Analysis and care like at a Watford clinic


Watford Health Clinic

From pregnancy to infections, your local health clinic will be able to aid you whatever the issue.

Between the years 2006-2008, Watford’s ‘early deaths from heart disease and stroke’ and ‘early death rate from cancer’ was above the England average!

If more residents visited a health clinic on a regular basis, that will save thousands of lives in the future to come.

Health Clinic

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Monthly check-ups are very important because the doctor will be able to inform you of any issues that could happen or that have began. Also giving you ways to treat the issue.


A check-up can take anywhere from ten minutes to three hours (depending on the doctors decision). It is important to have regular health check-ups.

Watford GUM clinic and watford walk in clinics are very important.

Health and happiness is important hence why regular visits will help.

First of all eating well and exercising will keep your body healthy, because it will keep your body working.